November 2016 - A Bench Power Supply

I kept seeing a clever little module pop up on the various Youtube channels that I follow. So I just had to get one to play with.

This Google Search will find them available from just about everywhere. I got mine via Amazon for £20.

You can get them complete with a huge switched mode power supply - or on their own they can supply around 30v at up to 5 amps. All of the voltage, current, power limiting is handled by this module.
You need only to provide some volts. I had a linear unregulated power supply handy which provided 20 volts input.

Here are front and inside views of the finished project.

Just above the transformer you can see a small "buck converter" which is adjusted to 12 volts. This gives me a bench power supply with both fixed and adjustable output.

I like it. It is quick to build and very useful.

October 2017:
An enthusiastic review of the module from EEVBlog's Dave Jones.



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