May 2016 - Proto Boards and Toner Transfer Method

This page was created after a post to the Soldersmoke blog and requests for copies of my protoboards. This is a variation of the "manhatten style", where all components are mounted direct onto pads. Chuck K7QO calls this "Muppet construction" and is created using the toner transfer method. There is no better explanation of this method than Chuck's toner transfer tutorial

I like this method of construction because it involves very little drilling of holes - which I find tiresome. I could certainly make conventional printed circuit boards using the toner transfer method - and they would probably end up more compact. I feel that for hobby purposes that doesn't matter to me. Also, many a through hole board has been ruined by trying to remove a component. Muppet construction allows a lot of "circuit twiddling" before damage occurs.

Example of the G3RJV Audio Test Oscillator built this way:

These are the etched protoboards:

The two files can be downloaded from here: (Tip, "right click" and save files)

Sprint Layout files: AD8307 (and Gerber file) and Si570 (and Gerber file)

and this is the file for just a 9 x 9 board without IC pads (and Gerber file).

Because I use double side board, if I need a ground, I just drill a hole through a pad and connect with a wire.

Some more boards:

Sprint Layout file: Arduino Nano. (and Gerber file)

Sprint Layout file: 8 Pin D.I.L. protoboard (and Gerber file )

Sprint Layout file: Matrix 6x9 (and Gerber file)

Sprint Layout file: Matrix 7x16 (and Gerber file)

The software that I use is “Sprint Layout”. It isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either.

But this is the free software for sharing...


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