April 2021 - Carrying on the Practical Way DVD

For 20 years, George G3RJV wrote a monthly series articles for Practical Wireless Magazine.

As a tribute to George's love of the hobby "PW" collated them into one electronic archive.
The DVD represents superb value for money - but sadly it did not have a browsable index.

The first task in solving that oversight was taken up in 2019 to Martin Peters G4EFE who posted a textual index to the GQRP internet conference. Not long afterward, Tim Ostley M0CZP took Martin's work and converted to a spreadsheet which could be searched.

This latest work allows you to browse the contents of the collection and launch the article - all from within your web browser.

This is what it looks like:



Of course, to make this of any use you would need to first buy the DVD from "PW". They have made the price very attractive at £14.99 - that is a small sum to pay for 150 construction articles!

Once you own the "COPW" DVD you would need to copy the contents to a convenient folder on your computer. In this example I have copied the files to a folder off my root directory.


All of the files that make up my index should be copied into your chosen folder. Then you run the menu by launching "index.htm"

Here is a zip file containing everything except the articles - which of course, you must buy from Practical Wireless. It is always a good idea to check any file that you download. Did you know that you can paste the location of the file into an online scanner to be reassured before you download it?




Articles (2021)

February 2021
N6QW Direct Conversion Receiver
A Simple Radio to Build..

February 2021
10dB (ish) Attenuators
Simple Test Gear..

March 2021
Charlie's VFO and other Arduino projects
(Occasional Arduino Pain).

March 2021
UpCycling an old Dell Computer
(Saving an old PC from the landfill)

April 2021
Testing Schottky Diodes
(For use in diode ring mixers)

April 2021
"COPW". An alternative menu
(for the G3RJV DVD)

May 2021
Homebrew Double Balanced Mixers
(using the ZL2CTM method)

May 2021
Spectrum Analysers on the cheap
(but still doing useful work)

November 2021
Circuit Boards and the Dremel
Easy PCB's