September 2017 - The Blogs that I follow

We are fortunate that today many talented radio amateurs share so freely their knowledge and enrich the hobby.
What follows is a list of the blogs that I find interesting and useful.


Tom Hall AK2B

Mark VandeWettering

Jason Milldrum NT7S

Steve Wigg G1KQH

Paul Darlington M0XPD

QSO Today


Jeffrey Glass KK9JEF


HamRadio 360

Farhan VU2ESE

Jeff Whitlatch KO7M

DuWayne Schmidlkofer KV4QB

Pete Juliano N6QW

K.P.S.Kang VU2KR

Nick Kennedy WA5BDU

Thomas Knutsen LA3PNA




Articles (2017)

December 2017
Overtone Crystal tester
Simple and Cheap to build.

September 2017
My take on Earthing Rods
and a good excuse to buy an SDS drill.

September 2017
A font of knowledge
Some superb blogs to follow.

September 2017
Audio Amplifiers
and a great offer from GQRP club .

August 2017
Atmel Madness
Programming clever little chips .

June 2017
Auto Cut-Off Timer by Bob AE4IC
Saves on batteries.

May 2017
SNA Jr. by DuWayne KV4QB
Unbelievably useful test instrument. Link to DuWaynes Google +

April 2017
Aerial Phasing Noise Canceller
For battling that S9 local noise.

March 2017
QRP for the Tightwad
A Club Talk.

January 2017
A Comb Generator
Handy Wide Band Noise Source.